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Cissbury Fields

On the east side of Findon Valley are a series of fields rising up to Cissbury Ring, they belong to Adur and Worthing council and are well used by local residents and visitors. The ring itself belongs to the National Trust and has a fascinating history which can be found here,

When the valley was being developed for housing from the 1930’s onwards concerns for expansion onto the fields below the ring were raised and led to the formation of the Residents Association in 1936. This concern to maintain the land for public use continues to this day. Housing was limited by the building of Long Meadow and Shepherds Mead, everything to the east of these roads was left.

The council entered into various arrangements with farmers to use the fields but pressure of access meant that stock could not be grazed and until 2019 some grass was cut and herbicide applied to keep down “weeds”. This arrangement was not satisfactory for anyone involved and the land has been taken back under direct council control. The true value of this land lies in it’s access, it is enjoyed by thousands of people especially dog walkers. Car parks at the northern and southern extremities allow visitors to drive there and many local residents walk from their homes.

Nature conservation is also key, the chalkland flora is getting richer, birds such as Skylarks are present and butterflies abound.

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