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Litter Pick 2023

The Vale School, Park Ranger and FVRA join forces

On Tuesday 11th July 2023 sixteen children from The Vale School Council joined Emily (Park Ranger) and the FVRA to carry out a litter pick on The Gallops. The children enthusiastically collected rubbish and litter they found to help keep this area nice for people to enjoy. They felt it was unnecessary for litter to be dropped as there are bins around the space which should be used. They were worried that the glass they found would hurt children and animals.

After the litter pick, where 8 bags were collected, Emily spoke to the children about the wildflower patch they had sowed in the Spring and identified species growing here. She counted 18 different types of flowers/herbs. It was clear to see they were ‘doing their job’ as there were plenty of bees and butterflies attracted by the plants.

As a thank-you to the children we ended by having a mini tea party. It has been lovely working alongside The Vale School and the Park Rangers this school year.

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