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FVRA Committee Minutes September 2022

Findon Valley Residents' Association

Protecting the interests of our community and the countryside around us

Monday 12th September: Remote meeting via Zoom

In Attendance:

Lance Allen (LA), Paula Barnes (PB), Terri Binstead (TB), Tony Anderson (TA), Roger Oakley (RO), Lorraine Taylor (LT).


Neil Worsfold (NW), Clive Sanders (CS), Colin Binstead (CB), Hannah Hunte (HH).

The meeting started with a one minute silence in memory of Her Majesty the Queen

Minutes of last meeting and Matters Arising

The minutes of 8th August were agreed and can be published on the web site and notice boards. Notice boards for Cissbury Fields and The Gallops are still pending. The jubilee video has not gone on the web site yet. Decided to wait until later in the year now out of respect for the death of the Queen.


LA met with Tony from Findon Road who is ready to prepare the library garden area for the benches now that MW has removed a spiky bush and broken paving slabs. The intended Jubilee tree may now become a Queen Elizabeth memorial tree. It was also discussed maybe planting some Queen Elizabeth roses.

LA and MW have been invited to a further stakeholder workshop regarding Cissbury Fields.

WBC have received some useful feedback from our questionnaires.

NW had investigated teardrop banners for further advertising for our events. The cost will be around £200 – £220 each +VAT. It was agreed to go ahead with two of these.

Work has started at the Black Horse junction on the new cycle/pedestrian shared pathway. LA is keen to get involved with publicity on this with a “give the car a break” theme.

LA is keen to establish a new role of press officer on the committee who could liaise with local newspapers and magazines such as Sussex Local. A volunteer on the Cissbury Friends team expressed an interest a while back in helping with admin. LA will contact her to see if she will be interested.

It was decided to put a “Book of Condolences” in the library for local residents to use if they wish to. To be advertised on mailchimp etc.

Vice Chair

The footfall for the August market was up and traders were quite satisfied. LT had discussed with Sharon and it has been decided to keep our markets going through the winter months.

Sharon is unable to raise the market traders pitch fees due to the current financial circumstances so we may have to consider reviewing our percentage of income.

The store is very full now with no space to store anything else. The empty raised garden box has been sown with wild flowers. Helpers are in short supply for the September market. RO has offered to do an early shift.


The fraud awareness presentation is taking place on Saturday 17th September at FVFC. Some booking forms have now been sent out to people showing an interest in having a stall. Still more to be sent out. CB has measured the road along King’s Parade which complements the measurements already done by LA and it appears we could accommodate around 40 stalls, depending on size (based on 3m. square). The roundabout will need a large space of course.


The account balance is £8,932.21 as of the end of August. Some gift aid payments are starting to come through from the CAF bank. The Zurich public liability insurance was renewed on September 2nd.

Membership Secretary

NW sent his apologies to the meeting but sent a report. Current membership is 544 including 22 donations paid in August.

Schools liaison

PB has contacted Vale School to gather information about the chocolate tombola stall and the school choir. She is awaiting a reply about the stall but has heard that the choir will attend the Christmas Extravaganza.Blank letters for Father Christmas and pre printed envelopes are all ready. Replies from FC will be given out at the December Farmers Market.


MW submitted a report. He was assisted by LT and CB on a very hot day to treat the benches ready for placing on the concrete base by the library. He hopes to work on the rest of the area soon. Next working day is 17th September when the bus shelters will be worked on.

MW met with Elizabeth Sparkes and a Highways Officer in August and received a very positive response from the council in relation to street tree planting. This was later followed by a commitment from West Sussex Arboriculture Department to plant 8 trees this winter in Downside Avenue and Marshall Avenue.

MW has joined an action group with Councillor Vicki Wells and others wanting to get more trees planted in Worthing and a meeting was recently held to discuss strategies. Everyone was very determined including head of finance Martin Randall.


RO has been making enquiries about details relating to applying for electronic speed warning signs. His enquiry has been forwarded to the County Councillor for Arun and the Highways Manager for that area.There have been problems with camper vans using Coombe Rise car park for overnight stays. RO suggested photographic evidence is required before this can be pursued further.

Web Administrator

TA is putting together an operating manual for those who are adding content to the website which is proving very time consuming and difficult. He has added a new section entitled Local Nature and Wildlife which he would like others to add to when they have relevant information of interest and has also added further old photos to the Gallery/Past Images of Findon Valley. Attempts have been made to hack the site again but security and passwords have prevented this. TA confirmed the attacks are a risk to all websites, FVRA is not being specifically targeted.

Events and Media

There was much discussion around the Christmas Extravaganza event.

HH had produced a document with possible stalls and activities.

Businesses at the back and the flats above King’s Parade will need to be informed.

A fire engine has been agreed in principle.

TB to contact Dave Hunt as to where his roundabout, which has been booked, could be positioned.

CS would like a small A5 document to give to local shops when he visits them to canvas support for the night.

LA will set out a risk assessment for the event.

We will need some sort of mobile PA system.

PB will contact All Saints regarding their stall.Brian Hunt has a pipe organ we may be able to use but unsure of the cost yet.

There is a wood fired pizza van which parks in Hurston Close may be possible to approach and see if they are interested in attending.


RO expressed concerns re: the latest information regarding building a traffic tunnel under Worthing. He advised that we should all be aware that this is being discussed.

Date of next meeting: Monday 10th October 7.30pm (venue to be forwarded later).

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