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FVRA Committee Minutes November 2020

Findon Valley Residents' Association

Protecting the interests of our community and the countryside around us

Monday 9th November: Remote meeting via Zoom

In Attendance:

Lance Allen (LA), Paula Barns (PB), Clive Sanders (CS), Kayla Shepherd (KS), Lorraine Taylor (LT). The meeting commenced at 7.30 pm.


N/A, All present.

Minutes of last meeting and Matters Arising

Minutes from 12 October were agreed as a true record, and will now be published on website and noticeboards. Matters arising are covered below.


Vacancies, We still require a secretary, membership secretary, highways officer, communications officer and auditor. LA to issue an email via NextDoor seeking volunteers.

Winter Salt Bins, LA has written to WSCC Councillor Elizabeth Sparkes, who has offered to take forward, response awaited. The Vale School is interested in managing the two Vale Drive bins (on school days).

Bus Shelters, WSCC have responded to acknowledge the care taken by volunteers. If there was major damage to a shelter, WSCC team would look to assist in repairs.

AGM, To be 7.30 pm on 3 December via zoom. Already published in November Sussex Local. Non-internet users can phone for copy of AGM papers and proxy voting form. Further publicity to be via Herald, Facebook, Parent Mail, Nextdoor and posters. Cllr Sparkes has offered the use of WSCC zoom facility. LA has followed up, response awaited. SDNPA Lead Ranger Craig Daters has agreed to be speaker. All committee members to write a paragraph about themselves, for the voting form. Tim Loughton and Dan Humphreys have accepted invitations to attend. Other councillors awaited.

Vice Chair

Transport Survey, LT had noted and circulated the WBC survey, to which local groups are encouraged to respond.

Sussex NHS Fortnightly Briefing, a new email initiative that anyone can subscribe to.

Lockdown, a number of local shops are offering internet or telephone ordering services, and/ or home deliveries. Orders from Gifted can be collected from Coffee Camp – a good example of local businesses working together for a better customer service.

Library Noticeboard, in the colder weather the glass panes are condensing up, inside and out. LT will place silica sachets inside each pane.

Farmers’ Market, LT had received confirmation from WBC. KS has been in contact with Sharon Leppard from Great Little Farmers Markets, to ensure FVRA are regarded as co-hosts. LT will seek spare plastic ‘roadworks’ barriers to assist the pedestrian one-way system (Maggie W will contact Malley’s). Posters (created by Beth at short notice) are now up in a variety of local shops, and our noticeboards.

Equipment, LT has received from MW the FVRA loudhailer, portable microphone/ speaker and the pull-up banner.


The monthly accounts for October were circulated by CS prior to the meeting. No income or expenditure during the month. Funds are down by more than £1,000 compared to 2019, mainly due to much lower membership renewals.

Direct Debits, CS arranging conference call with CAF (they don’t do zoom) including LA. Bank data held by Jim Booth doesn’t indicate how many people pay by standing order currently.


Position Vacant, Still only 269 members for 2020.

LA still intends to contact and update the road collectors, who for 2021 may be able to put membership forms through doors (but not knock, due to Covid).

Schools Liaison

PB confirmed that the wild flower patch will be cleared by a year-group on 11 November. WBC ranger Adam Scott will also attend. Later: cancelled due to Covid restrictions.

PB will contact Vale School re grit bins, after we have heard back from Cllr. Sparkes.


Position Vacant, It was noted that a number of broken paving slabs had been marked with white crosses, and some were now repaired with tarmac – presumably a second phase will repair the rest.

LT noted that the path area in front of the Findon Road toilets had been cleared by the WBC attendant. LT had thanked him and also written to Cllr. Humphreys.


Cissbury Fields, There had been a second SDNPA display in Storrington Rise car park but the weather was poor. The questionnaire proposal had now been dropped.Both car parks had been overflowing with visitors in recent days, as had the car park at the top of Nepcote Lane.

Gallops, the outdoor gym was now closed and ‘taped off’ due to Covid, but the children’s playground was still open.

Community Garden, MW has issued a report to LT and LA, to be copied to all committee members. LA had been approached by PPG vice chair re proposed ‘well being’ garden, which may be on grassed area between car park and library, or behind Lime Tree staff car park. There is an opportunity for enhanced use of the library’s own garden. LT to contact Justin Burns to establish if WSCC has any residual budget. LA suggested benches, possibly funded by families in memory of deceased loved ones. Could become ‘chat benches’ to aid social isolation issues (but after Covid).

Recycling, LT awaiting response from Cllr. Humphreys re the initiative of a recycling bin near the library. Could have a fresh recycling awareness push in Spring 2021 (18 March is World Recycling Day). It was noted that there are less Lancing Recycling points available now.


Position Vacant, The FVRA website would benefit from further updating. New links to various Vale School and similar websites are needed, to pass to Jim to set in place.

Mailchimp could be a useful email channel, avoiding the need to use small ‘batches’ of emails. KS will set up, LA will seek the current distribution list from Jim. Mailchimp could be useful for ‘Newsflash’ alerts and reminders re forthcoming events.

Facebook, our Events page now had 33 followers, growing steadily.

Neighbourly, still not sure now this was started, but needs to be updated. LA to ask Jim if he has logon.


Scarecrow Trail, Was enjoyed by those who took part. The Bradford family from Hillview Road were the winners, receiving the £25 Gifted voucher. Article and photo sent to Sussex Local and will go in next FVRA newsletter.

Christmas, KS stated that most Kings Parade shops were positive about the Christmas Late Night Shopping event 11 December. CS has spoken with the Suzuki Garage re siting a Christmas Tree on their corner by the Parade. Findon Garden Centre had kindly offered to donate a tree approx 8 foot high. It was agreed to buy 2 sets of solar tree lights, Total approx £60. KS indicated her partner could build a box to securely hold the tree base. Attlees had offered a secure lock at cost. LT will approach a local lighting/ audio company re possible further lights.FVRA activities will include ‘Guess the name of the Bear’ and a cake raffle. MW has agreed to lend the gazebo, and Regency Carpets had kindly offered to host community groups on the 11th.

2021, The list of potential events for 2021 was discussed at a zoom meeting on 2 November. LA had taken notes and circulated.


Association for local traders, KS had discussed with Coffee Camp as potential venue (post-lockdown) and will progress.

Library Drop-in, Still suspended due to Coronavirus.

Next zoom meeting – 7.30pm Monday 14th December.

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