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FVRA Committee Minutes February 2024

Findon Valley Residents' Association

Protecting the interests of our community and the countryside around us

Tuesday 13th February: Findon Valley Free Church

In attendance

Lance Allen (LA) Lorraine Taylor (LT) Terri Binstead (TB) Paula Barnes (PB) Colin Binstead (CB) Neil Worsfold (NW) Sean Philip (SP)


Clive Sanders (CS) Chloe Paddock (CP)

Minutes of last meeting and Matters Arising

The figures for membership numbers were wrong in January and have been amended in member-ship secretary report below


LA welcomed Sean Philip to the committee as a member for managing the FVRA website and marketing. A new Secretary and Vice Chair are still needed.

Consultation has been ongoing with LA and the charities commission and LA is now confident that the new constitution he has been working on will be accepted.

The fruit trees for the orchard in Cissbury Fields are due to be planted next week and the council have been preparing the area. LA is still pushing to get the final Memorandum of Understanding document from the council.

LT as potential new Chair will accompany LA to meet the Chairs of Findon and Patching Councils at a meeting on 28th February and a further date will be arranged to meet with the Chair of High Salvington Residents.

Vice Chair

Footfall for the January market was encouraging and the tombola proved popular resulting in a sell out.

The community garden troughs are in need of some attention as they were not lined and the wood is beginning to rot.

Store has been tidied and is looking very organised. There has been some leakage of clean water from one of the toilets.

Both wooden bus shelters need treating with wood preservative


TB is retiring as secretary and leaving the committee from the 9th March after the AGM. She will remain as a friend of the association. A new secretary is needed asap.

Treasurers’ Report

We have £12,851.71 in the account.

A new CAF bank user will need to be provided from the committee to replace numbers when LA gives up his Chairmanship

PB confirmed that her father will audit the accounts for 2023

Membership Secretary

NW produced a chart detailing latest membership figures and how people are paying their membership fee. Total numbers this month are 342 households and there were 50 renew-als in January. Six of the January members paid by credit card which is the default pay-ment on the bank at present. This needs to be changed back to direct debit as default.

School Liaison

Very little happening at present but PB outlined her plans to arrange wildflower seeding ( after the Easter holidays) and another session with children to work on the community garden.


The Friends Group cleared the footpath near the cemetery as a one off community project.

Some grass cutting has been done in Field 2 of Cissbury Fields and stakes have been put out in readiness for apple tree planting.


An electronic bus information sign has been put up at the bus stop by Allendale Avenue and further signs are hoped for through the valley in due course.

We still have no follow up from the council regarding the highways survey completed last year.

Web Administrator

Sean introduced himself and gave a short presentation of his work, interests and plans moving forward with FVRA.

Terry Field (FVRA Historian) also joined the meeting later and was able to discuss with Sean how the history of FVRA and old photographs (of which he has many) can be managed on the website.

Events and Media

The AGM is on 9th March and final preparations were discussed for the event


CB announced that he will be standing down from the committee as from the AGM although he will still help at the markets and manage the notice boards until somebody else is able to do them.

Date of next meeting awaiting confirmation

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