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FVRA Committee Minutes December 2022

Findon Valley Residents' Association

Protecting the interests of our community and the countryside around us

Monday 12th December: Remote meeting via Zoom

In Attendance:

Lance Allen (LA), Paula Barnes (PB), Terri Binstead (TB), Tony Anderson (TA), Lorraine Taylor (LT), Clive Sanders (CS), Colin Binstead (CB), Hannah Hunte (HH), Neil Worsfold (NW), Sue Lanceley (SL) (Observer).



Minutes of last meeting and Matters Arising

The minutes of 14th November were agreed and can now be published on the web site and notice boards.


LA introduced Sue Lanceley to the committee and welcomed her as a new co-opted member.

LA thanked all the committee for the work that has gone into organising the Christmas Extravaganza.

LA will circulate a new draft of the FVRA Constitution before the next meeting in January.

The AGM is now arranged for 2.15pm on Saturday 11th March at FVFC hall.Acceptances received from MP and all councillors. We will start publicising in the New Year.

An update meeting was held with some of the committee and Dan Humphreys at Cissbury Fields on 3rd December.

The WBC consultants Lucy and Jodie have updated their presentation on the use of Cissbury Fields and the library has again been offered to display this.

LA has been invited to a Chair’s meeting with Findon Parish Council on 28th December along with the Chairs of Clapham to discuss common issues.

Vice Chair

The November market was cancelled due to rain. December one all set and a list of regular stall holders has been sent to TA for the website. A decision is yet to be made on markets for the beginning of next year.


An update was given in relation to the Christmas Extravaganza including three stalls who have pulled out and final arrival time details.


The account balance is £10,965.37 as of the end of November.

The cash box float has been increased to £80 on a permanent basis.

There is still £ 91.50 of receipts to be deposited into current account.

A payment into the account of £1895 was received from Sussex Community Foundation, following LT’s successful grant application. Part of this money is to go towards a Christmas Lunch event being organised by FVFC and LT.

Membership Secretary

Current membership is 545 (paid 2021/2022).No new members this month. Need to have a push for more in the New Year.

Schools liaison

PB said she no longer seems to be on Parent Mail so she will address this in the new year.

Friends of Vale do not seem to be working with us at present so PB will arrange a meeting with the new Head Teacher to introduce herself and FVRA.

The school choir will be attending the Extravaganza and PB discussed what she has organised for it and put in the store.


The working party have done a good job thinning out more of the sycamore clump above Cissbury Fields (north end).

MW attended a meeting at Worthing town hall where councillors are keen to have more street trees planted. There is a reluctance by WSCC to plant in any hard surfaces as areas would have to be lined to prevent root incursion into services.

MW has mulched the library garden ready for new plants to go in early in the new year.


LA and CS met with WSCC Highways manager Adam Bazley and Elizabeth Sparkes. This was a useful session and there will be a follow up on 9th January. Points discussed were given to the committee and included the amount of traffic on the A24 and rat runners on May Tree/Lime Tree Avenue as well as along Long Meadow and Shepherds Mead.

Web Administrator

TA gave a detailed report of the updates he has completed and those he is now working on for the FVRA website. He also provided numbers showing how many people have visited the website this month. He will start providing this information every month.

Events and Media

Much of the meeting was given over to finalising the last arrangements for the Christmas Extravaganza which is taking place on the 15th December.


All welcomed Sue Lanceley to the committee team.

Date of next meeting Monday 9th January 7.30pm in the Free Church meeting room.

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