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Foxy Ladies Running Club

The largest and friendliest all female running club in Sussex!


At Foxy Ladies we welcome EVERYONE from complete beginners who start on our ‘learn to run’ course, through to marathon and ultra-marathon runners.

The ethos of our club is firmly based around fun and fitness. A physical activity only becomes enjoyable if you are having fun, kept interested, working out with like-minded people and are being challenged.

We have organised training sessions for all levels and abilities 6 days a week, morning and evening allowing flexibility in attendance as we understand childcare needs, shift work and family commitments. We operate “informal runs” on a Monday, Wednesday evenings Sunday mornings and if that wasn’t enough you can join any of our members at any time during the week or weekend on their runs.
We pride ourselves on being one of the most supportive and encouraging clubs around and we never leave a fox behind!

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Further Information

Further information can be found at Foxy Ladies Running Club's website

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